You Have the Ring, Now What?

The First 3 Steps to Planning Your Dream Wedding

Chotchkie's from Office Space

If you’re newly engaged…Congratulations!

Please take a moment to do the does this ring make me look engaged? pose. You know the one.

Now that you have started the celebrations the next task at hand, planning your dream wedding, may seem a bit overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be. There are numerous wedding professionals, like us here at Charter Hall, who can help. That is what we are here for.

We work with brides and grooms every day and you’re not alone if you don’t know where to start after the engagement. The first few steps are simple. Answering just three key questions can set you on your way to planning bliss.

1. What is your budget? Nobody likes to talk about money but it is the only place to start. Can you afford an A-list celebrity worthy wedding with John Legend preforming at the reception or is something a bit more intimate in budget? Not everyone has Kim Kardasian’s funds so knowing what you have to spend can help you stay on track and make things much less stressful along the way.

2. What kind of wedding do you want? The location and style of the venue can have a huge impact on the other details. Inside or outside? Destination or local? Church or somewhere else? When you figure out where you’re saying I do you can move on to the reception…and that’s the fun part. Some venues, like our own, can accommodate a ceremony and reception. Fewer moving parts almost always means less stress.

3. Who do you want to invite? Start brainstorming the guest list and bridal party selections. The size of your wedding may eliminate some venues right off the bat. Does your barber or second cousin twice removed need to be on the guest list? Evaluating who you invite will free you up to pick a caterer, venue, and décor in budget.

Just remember throughout all of this, the day is about you and your fiancé and it is going to be absolutely amazing. These questions will get you off to a great start in the journey. Don’t forget to have fun through the process and if you need help we’re here for you.

Happy Planning!
Kalee Freedy
Charter Hall at the City Market Building

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