Roanoke Valley’s gathering place for quality independent dining and shopping choices.

With a rich history dating back to its origins as a food center and communal hub, the City Market Building has evolved alongside changing lifestyles. Over the years, its role has shifted from being a wholesale produce and meat market to housing a bustling food court, and now, even more.

The City Market Building stands at the revitalized heart of the Market District, the city, and the region.

Following a comprehensive, year-long renovation totaling $7.9 million, completed in 2011, the City Market Building proudly anchors the rejuvenated core of the Market District, serving as a focal point for the city and the surrounding region.

Step inside this iconic structure, and you’ll find a rejuvenated interior boasting enhanced brightness and openness. Outside, the seating area has been expanded, offering more space for visitors to relax and enjoy their meals. Within the flexible kitchen spaces, a diverse range of high-quality, locally-owned eateries now call the building home. Embracing the vibrant streets of Downtown Roanoke, the City Market Building warmly welcomes guests to partake in special events and meetings, hosted in the professionally equipped Charter Hall.


Historic faces of the Market portrayed in 2,000 pounds of porcelain tile.

Roanoke pulses with artistic energy, especially in its vibrant downtown scene, where galleries, museums, street concerts, and craft markets like City Market abound. It’s no surprise that when the City Market Building underwent renovations in 2011, art became an integral part of the project.

Step through any of the four entrances, and you’ll be greeted by mosaic masterpieces created by Cheryl Foster, an artist hailing from Temple Hills, Maryland. These captivating works were commissioned by the City of Roanoke in partnership with the Market Building Foundation, as part of the Percent for Art Public Art Program, overseen by the Roanoke Arts Commission.

Each mosaic tells a unique story, capturing different facets of the City Market Building and its rich history. From intricate details to vibrant colors, Foster’s art breathes life into the building’s essence. While you can admire them in the photographs below, nothing beats experiencing these captivating artworks firsthand. So why not plan a visit and immerse yourself in the beauty and history of the City Market Building?