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There’s no lack of amazing photographs of our historic building, but some of our favorite shots come from the people who live, work, and play in and around our building. Pictures of people enjoying life at the City Market Building. Join us on a short journey through some of these pictures tagged at the Market Building on Instragram.

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1. We’ll start off with a picture from a 2016 prom (the year of the dab). Sure, the dab actually went national in 2015 but it became so wildly popular in 2016 that a YouTube video explaining how to do the dance hit 2.5 million views. Who knows…maybe @hollie_xuen and her friends make up 8 of those 2.5 million. Charter Hall is a great place for all types of events.

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2. Last Summer The City Market Building was a shoot location for the short film “I’m In” by DPC-LLC. We actually made the credits! The film screened at the 2017 Bike Shorts Film Festival at The Grandin Theatre in April. You can check out the official trailer on Vimeo. And check out the film’s Facebook page for other screening dates.

3. As we look over the pictures from the last year or so we can’t help but remember the amazing Deschutes Brewery announcement in Charter Hall. @aaronalexanderdykstra made Deschutes a custom bicycle and presented it at the ceremony. In case you don’t know, Deschutes announced it is building a production facility in Roanoke and recently started renovations for a new tasting room downtown!

We have a lot of fun here at the Market Building. This is just a small sample of our favorites…there are a few honorable mentions below. Thanks for visiting CityMarketBuilding.com and we’ll see you soon!

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